We’re the new kids on the block

Hi, we’re The Cosmetics Fridge team, nice to meet you!

The Cosmetics Fridge team consists of a small bunch of extremely passionate and dedicated beauty junkies. We grew up in the era of the rise of technology, information, and discovery. Mix that up with a love for beauty and you get the ultimate beauty tech nerds.

Just like having a dedicated space for your chilled skincare products, we believe in having a dedicated space to express ourselves through writing.

Our goals are to connect with all of our amazing readers who share in the same interests, as well as to continuously learn from the ever-growing beauty community. Every single day we are discovering new things and working on ways we can contribute to the community in our own unique ways.

As of right now, our team is still small, but we are excited to grow in size as our brand continues to as well. We are so very grateful to be able to have many platforms to connect with all of you positive and uplifting friends and welcome everyone new as well.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ever supported us and continues to ride with us! We won’t let you down.


The Cosmetics Fridge Team


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